We have found the place of our dreams in this world and we would love to share it with everybody!

More or less the whole Trosa burned down during the ravages of the Russians in the early 1700s, it has been said to us that in principle the only building that survived was the church.
The oldest parts of Ågården are from 1738 and were in the beginning of the 19th century the city’s health center. In the large villa, the city doctor and the long length of Östra Långgatan lived as a nursing home.

Ever since the 1940s, B & amp; B has been run here and since we took over in 2013, this is Hotel, Restaurant and Garden Bar.

In 1902 Viktor Rydberg wrote the poem “On the porch by the sea” sitting here in Ågården.

“Do you remember the sighs of the twilight waves, that at the target they have only one earthly shore, not the eternal shore?

Do you remember a melancholy from heaven’s supernatural stars?
Alas, the lottery lot’s lot of treasures also end up in the end.

Do you remember a silence, when everything was like the infinite crowds, beaches and sky and sea, all the things about God? “